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If you're looking to pay monthly rather than all up front, we do have loan options. One of our lending partners, Climb Credit, works separately from us but they provide a unique service that allows students to make manageable monthly payments over a few years.


With Climb, you can finance up to full tuition less a deposit you pay directly to the school. Climb only works with schools that have been verified and demonstrate increased earning potential for graduates of their programs.


Their loan process is simple and fully-online. You can complete a Climb application in less than 5 minutes, and the vast majority of their applicants receive a funding decision almost immediately. This application process doesn't do a hard pull on your credit so just applying won't have a negative impact on your credit score until after the loan is funded. This means you can apply multiple times with multiple co-borrowers until you get the best rate. Climb works with students from all kinds of credit backgrounds, including people without any credit to their name.


If your application is approved and you decide to accept a loan with Climb, you can make smaller or even no payments while you're in school so you can focus on your program, not your loan.

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